Thursday, January 25, 2007

A new generation of environmentalists

I'm doing a comic for a kids' supplement in the next issue of Green Living Magazine and thought I'd share my drawing of the protagonists. I'll post the finished comics once it's in print!


King of Hearts said...

I can't believe you're doing product placement for Magic Drink! Geez! It's a usper cute drawing though. To find a completely bizarre thing that stood out to me, I really like the two tones on the backpack.

Frannie said...

Um... what's "Magic Drink"?? This illustration is for a story that made up this drink, but if it actually exists I don't think the writer knew it (same with me)! Thanks for your comment, though : )

King of Hearts said...

I was teasing you. Magic Drink doesn't exist. Probably because you could have a good lawsuit on your hand charging them that it wasn't actually magic. When they make "extreme" flavoured bagel bites they actually have to prove that they have a more extreme flavour than the regular chips they produce or are on the market. For true! Although I don't know how the Orlando Magic basketball team gets away with it. :)