Monday, July 31, 2006

Pics from my book "Like A Pro"

I thought I'd share some illustrations from a recent book published by Maple Tree Press, called Like A Pro! It's the 3rd in a series of books by Helaine Becker (after Boredom Blasters and Funny Business) that are fun activity books to enjoy with friends. I'm currently illustrating and designing the 4th book and will post art from it when it's spring!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Permanent black-out

Peak oil has been on the mind of late. Here is a drawing I just finished of a possible vision of our future city in the absence of electricity, a permanent blackout. (See post below about my new blog relating to peak oil.)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Peak Oil blog of Hope

Is it possible to have too many blogs? Well, who cares, I started a 4th blog about a matter very much at the forefront of my thoughts lately: our civilization's relentless unsustainability leading to a Peak Oil crisis starting right about... now.

If you haven't heard of Peak Oil, it's the phenomenon of beginning a steady decline in the amount of crude oil being extracted from the earth now, which will lead to crises of energy, economy, peace and general chaos. You know, on top of global warming. Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth yet?

Despite tales of doom, which may or may not be accurate, there are communities in the world that are making fantastic examples of themselves with becoming self-sufficient and promoting equality, cooperation and sustainability, and we need to see this!! In my new blog, Our Pueblo, I'll be cataloguing these inspirations. Perhaps it will spur positive actions of our own, or at the very least promote a collective consciousness of hope.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Zodiac calendar drawings

I'm thinking of mass-producing a zodiac calendar using these illustrations I did for my own personal project I did a little while back. Each drawing represents a sign, and describes a person's traits, their planet, their plant, and is coloured to reflect their element (water, earth, fire, air).

This is me, a Cancer (water), using my intiutive healing to help the sick :)

This is my friend, a Libra (air), and her partner, as she is very suave and romantic.

This is Sagittarius (fire), depicting my brother-in-law chillin' by the campfire.