Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Holidays!

December brings many things... Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and various other celebrations I know nothing about. But December for me is Winter Solstice. When darkness peaks as the longest night of the year on the 21st, bringing the beginning of lightening back up, minute by minute each day, until the Spring Equinox when daylight and nighttime are equal.

Happy December to everyone. I hope we are lucky enough to get some snow, and maybe catch a snowflake, too.


Jim said...

I was just looking up when the days get longer again! Winter Solstice is the turning point... I think I'm getting more sensitive to light dep as I get older. Gotta stop sleeping in til 11, I miss half the day!

Frannie said...

Hey, soup stain! Thanks for visiting. Yeah, sleeping in has its draw backs in these short winter days, just ask Michael. I am going to try to make the Festival of Lights in Kensington this year for the first time ever, might as well celebrate the coming of the light!

j. said...

One single snowflake is about all we got so far this year! Crumbs. I don't care for the cold but I do prefer a white Christmas.

Did you enjoy the Festival of Lights? I was a Scrooge and didn't go but Kimball and family were there.

Incientally, I saw a show on Space recently that showed all the Christmas traditions we have that are actually based on Pagan/Solstice rituals...right down to angels/fairies on our trees, the tree itself, and Jolly Old St.Nick (who's modern day depiction was created for the Coca-Cola company, a fact I love to share with everyone).


LEO said...

AK! Claudia!
Happy new year!