Friday, June 06, 2008

My latest illustrated fiction


Some months back I wrote and drew a 6-page comic for the Toronto-based literary magazine, Taddle Creek, and have been since wanting to post the art here but gave the magazine a chance to publish it first. Actually, I'm not sure if I should post the whole story -- maybe when the next issue of Taddle Creek is out, I'll put the whole thing online!

(The cover, by the way, was drawn by my insanely talented husband Michael Cho. See it on his blog.)

Meanwhile my story, called The Grass Seed, was recorded as an audio clip by the magazine which you can listen to here. Above is the first page of the story, plus a few of my favourite drawings from it below. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to create this comic story, for an older audience, and of a topic of my choosing -- in this case, thinking about life within the perspective of the universe, and how we and everything in existence are basically made up of the same wonderful, elemental stuff.