Monday, June 26, 2006

My swamp thing

I gave Alan Moore's Swamp Thing another try this past weekend, about 5 years after trying to read it the first time and simply not being able to get past the nauseatingly garish artwork! But I'm so glad I read it, and without getting too "I love Alan Moore" like every other non-comic-reading girl, this series is such a beautiful description of life and nature and how everything is connected because we're all made up of the same thing -- the radiant energy of life. It resonates completely with how I've been seeing life in the universe, and here's a hero that's, first of all super buff, but also totally depressed, but also green and earthy like the swamp itself. Who wouldn't fall in love with him?

Anyhoo, here is a sketch I did of my beloved Swamp Thing, with a few alterations from the series' beast, namely he has a kelp beard -- obviously! Also his lower half is all soft long grasses, his "ribs" are mud, and his hands and feet are wood, like tree roots. I love him with flowers and moss growing on him, and some leaves sprouting from his viney veins.

There you have it, my first comic super hero drawing. I also love Frankenstein.


Diana said...

I love this! Awesome! Now I want to see more classics "Claudia-fied"!

logan's runner said...

Nice! He even has a bellybutton as if he was born of the swamp.

Frannie said...

Hey dudes! Thanks for the enthusiasm : ) Yes, I forgot to mention that the belly button is like the knot of a tree trunk. And cuz yeah, belly buttons are cute.

HartCactus said...

Stunning illustration! Swampy looks very cool!


Anonymous said...

I'd place your Swamp Thing second after Bernie Wrightson's version. Hey, he also illustrated a Frankenstein book! Nice site Fran along with the "Dumplings" one but I dislike my empanadas with raisons (similar to the Filipino version).