Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another year, another birthday

Yeah, we can either laugh or cry at relentlessly getting a year older every twelve months... or we could go with the flow, lay back and enjoy a good cubano!

I'm 32 for another week, and in this past year I think I learned a little something, something very liberating, and that is that most of the stuff I spend my time worrying about is really really really unimportant. No, really! It is finally sinking in that we're such tiny blips in all of existence through time and space, that a lot of stuff we fret about isn't really worth our sweat. Or the paid work we devote our waking hours to might not deserve our attention at all. I am simultaneously rejecting most of what is out there in our society, while really appreciating what there is. And being way more picky about what I choose to spend my energy on, and what I choose to worry about.

I think I'm going to be late a bit more often. And maybe I'll get a tattoo. : )


j. said...

Happy Birthday...eventually.

When I was in high school I used to tape the Simpsons because I would work that night. If I forgot to set the VCR timer I'd get really mad with myself. Had I known then that not only could I buy the Simpsons on DVD but that it is on every day, nineteen times a day I would not have been so hard on myself.

I like your lesson in letting things go and focussing energy on important things. I'm gonna go hug my dog now.

p.s. The letters I have for I.D. verification to post this comment are "buthgt" Butt hug-t!

j. said...

Not to take over your board here but I have to add an additional comment. The verification letters for this comment are "cpyytv" which is totally telling me to Copy TV!!!


What is the universe trying to tell me?


Frannie said...

I think "cpyytv" is specifically "Copy YTV"! You know, the kids' tv station! That ain't so bad -- maybe the universe was reacting to your need to "copy" the Simpsons from "TV" when all you needed was a "butt hug"!! : )

Thanks for your comments, sweet J.

m.yee said...

I love this drawing of you smoking a stogie! (sp?) xo michelle

Anonymous said...

Forget the tatoo...just stuff your face!! Japanese? Middle East? How about Mediterranean? They've got wicked grilled squid and octopus at Astoria's on the Danforth!

veronika said...

I just got closer to 30 a couple of months ago and I realized that I like it! I also had the feeling that I should get a tatoo...but then I realized that almost everyone in Vancouver has a tatoo, so I decided to be subversive and not get one....I am SO punk!

P.S my I.D Verification letters are meenam......but I don't think I'm mean, sarcastic yes...mean, not really.