Saturday, May 06, 2006

To deaf ears

A summer ago I realized how preposterous my neighbours' behaviour was when it came to front yard care. Behaviour that included watering the interlocking brick (no lawn), presumably to clean it (instead of using a broom), and watering the garden as rain clouds were rolling in. These are a few little drawings that resulted from those observations, which I put together as photocopied little flyers and put in each neighbour's mailbox, many of which I found flying around the street later in the day. Drawn in pen and black watercolour.


logan's runner said...

Did the characters look like the people who were being jerks? (Very nice drawings)

j. said...

Hello Neighbour!
Indeed. These drawings are adorable and made hilarious by the circumstance. I wonder what the neighbours thought of the drawings...or if they even looked at them.


Frannie said...

Thanks, dudes! Yeah, the round man is a likeness of one of the portuguese elders on my block... the young guy is whoever your Rorschach interpretation of it wants it to be. : )