Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two educational mini comics for Scholastic

It's been an age since I've updated my art blog, and that's mostly due to having had a baby! Little Yolanda leaves me just enough time to post a recipe once in a while, or make myself a cup of tea, but time to draw? Not a chance!

But, here are two small comics I created for Scholastic last year that are now being distributed to schools. These were two very fun projects, the first being an info comic about garbage and recycling. My inspiration for Garbage Strike was the real garbage strike we had here in Toronto around 7 years ago -- what a mess!

The second comic is also informative, introducing Galileo to young readers and the birth of astronomy as we now know it.

I grew and learned very much working on these books, which I had to research, write, lay out, draw and colour, all for professional publishing as opposed to personal work. I hope I do more of them, and hope the kids enjoy them.


Michael Cho said...

gorgeous! But you already know that :)

Maura said...

i love your comic! I am organizing a community garbage collection, due to Toronto's strike and I was wondering if I could use the image for my neighbourhood postcard?

Claudia said...

Thanks, Maura!
Unfortunately I can't share this artwork as it's property of Scholastic now. I appreciate you asking -- Good luck with the collection! :-)

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