Monday, September 10, 2007

If I fail to update this blog frequently enough...'s because I'll be spending a lot of my free time drawing my new online web comic, Luz: Girl of The Knowing. Here is Luz.

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kathryn said...

ok i looked - i am Luz !

love love love it, darn you for thinking of doing it first :)

nice 'rabbits rule' t shirt. i would need a 'chinchillas rock' version.

your drawings really are beautiful and give me hope that drawing can be a worthwhile occupation and a force for change.

i realised than apathy in the face of climate change and peak oil will only lead me to depression so I AM GOING TO GET SOMETHING DONE ! had first meeting with one other like mind at the weekend so its really early days and also really exciting.

can't wait to see what Luz does next ... oh i tried to follow a link to but the book in a shop and it didn't work ...

viva la pencil revolution, very pleased to have met you