Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For Star Wars fans

My friend Mo had a theme party for her birthday recently where everyone had to wear some sort of head gear -- preferably related to the Star Wars movies, and/or pirates. My husband Michael pointed out that Han Solo and Chewbaka were space pirates, so it was settled! I found images of them on the net and re-drew them (in Adobe Illustrator), printed them out, and wore them on our faces as masks -- with the eyes cut out, of course.

They are posted size-as so feel free to copy and print to make your own mask! If, that is, the force be with you.


Michael Cho said...


I loved wearing the chewie one...especially with my glasses on...


Rob Swizzle said...

Nice masks. I just bought a battered 1989 videotape of Star Wars at the local video store for $1. No cover, no "A New Hope", no middled-aged George Lucas extra CGI bits. It's probably even pan-and-scan.

Can't wait to watch it in all its cheesy original excellence.