Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yay! My book won an award

As I mentioned in my post below, I've worked on a book series of wacky activity books for kids by Maple Tree Press, including Boredom Blasters which won a Silver Birch Award! This award is selected by Ontario readers -- yup, by kids! There could be no greater honour :-) While I was the illustrator and designer for these books, it was written by the insanely hilarious Helaine Becker, author of many, many MTP, Scholastic and OwlKids books.


m cho said...

Hurrays! I love the art in the Boredom Blasters series! And I epecially dig the cool and hilarious comic strip features. You and Helene make such a perfect team up. Congratulations!

j. said...

I think I should get all of your books for my nieces! Have you done one on manners?