Monday, July 10, 2006

Permanent black-out

Peak oil has been on the mind of late. Here is a drawing I just finished of a possible vision of our future city in the absence of electricity, a permanent blackout. (See post below about my new blog relating to peak oil.)


veronika said...

So beautiful Claudia. You are really experimenting, it's wonderful to watch you progress from one feeling to another so seamlessly

Anonymous said...

There is a very good article in the new Harpers about Peak Oil, in case you don't subscribe.


Frannie said...

Thanks for the lead, Greg. That was a very good article, still relevant even 2 years after it was written. I think some of the projection dates might still be optimistic but it's always hard to tell.

For anyone who wants to read it, you can find it on this page.

Diana said...


CBC Radio is having a really good series on solar power right now. Apparently Germany will be totally free of dependence on fossil fuels in just 10 years. They think we're crazy even thinking of building new nuclear reactors.

The piece is really positive and had me thinking that in 50 years maybe the world will be in a better place if we can get our act together. Anyway, here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Actually the Harper's article is a new one in the print edition. It's called "Imagine There's No Oil" and it's in the August edition.

Jim said...

Really like that pic! Great colours, foreboding.